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I’m looking for an artist to collaborate with

3 Jun

In my recently finished final year at uni I did a poetry portfolio.

I decided to approach it like a concept album and have ideas and themes running through it. The main themes running through the portfolio are alienation, identity and disillusionment. I looked at these through various aspects, such as depression, the media, politics, racism, day to day interactions and personal circumstances.

When I was writing it the thought kept occurring that I would love to put on some form of exhibition – but I really want pictures to go with it. The thought hasn’t gone away but seeing as I can write but have no talent in drawing, I thought I’d reach out here via my blog.

I have ideas and influences that I have in mind but essentially would like to see what someone who is creative in the visual arts could bring to it.

If you’re interested and want to know more, leave a comment and lets crack on.photo