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Depression Update via Questionnaires

6 Apr

In this blog, I talked about how I would track my progress by doing depression questionnaires every couple of weeks.

Each time I do these I’ll be picking out a couple of questions from each one and expanding on the reasons behind my answer.

Last time for the ‘Goldberg depression questionnaire’ I scored a hefty 69. Anything above 54 is severely depressed. As you can imagine I wasn’t in a very good place. This time I got –

Total score of: 29
(22-35, Mild-Moderate Depression)

You appear to be suffering from mild to moderate depressive symptoms commonly associated with depressive disorders.

As you can see a marked improvement, tallying with what I have been describing in recent blogs. The improvement in my mood has been brilliant and has felt brilliant as it always does.  One of the statements you have to rank according to how it applies to you is –

2)  My future seems hopeless.

My answer this time was ‘just a little’ as I am scoring for the whole week but really today I could make that ‘not at all.’ The difference in outlook when you have come out of an episode is incredible and I plan to blog about these differences soon.

Moving on, my tri-axial Bipolar spectrum screening results last time were 32, which means –

Your answers indicate levels of experiences which are consistent with bipolar disorder, including those associated with both manic and depressive symptom 

This questionnaire takes into account how you have felt and behaved over your life so I won’t update this one for a while as I’ve blogged about the bipolar side recently in regards to money.

Finally we have another depression one but with different depression questions that I can talk about. This one is called the ‘Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)’ and last time I scored 41. Anything over 21 means a possibility of major depression. Like the Goldberg questionnaire it asks you to take account of the last week in your life.  This time I got –

Total score of: 17
(15-21, Mild to Moderate Depression)

You appear to be experiencing some mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

Again a huge improvement. As for one of the questions –

14. I felt lonely.

The crazy thing I find with my depression is that whilst you tend to isolate yourself when you’re going through it because you don’t want to be around people, you can also sometimes simultaneously feel this intense loneliness that really cuts right to your core. That feeling can even arise when you’re with people. It’s just a very unpleasant sensation.  At the moment though that sensation is a lovely distant memory.

As I said before I decided on doing these as a way of tracking my progress and to have some concrete signposts as I go forward.

Doing them this time was a much more enjoyable experience as I chart just how much better I have felt recently.

That’ll be it today I think. Signpost


The past week/months/years

14 Mar

I said in my previous post that I’d try and write about my experiences with depression. I also said I was contemplating finally telling my friends about my depression – well that decision is yet to be made.

Anyway, anyone familiar with things like facebook knows that there always seems to be some sort of questionnaire doing the rounds about mundane things, such as ‘What character are you from the Big Bang Theory’ etc.

Well there are also questionnaires about depression at sites such as this

I haven’t taken one of these things in years and even then it was just out of curiosity, I didn’t really understand what was going on in my head at that point and just thought whatever was going on was just a phase. Yesterday though I took it seriously, answered honestly and guess what, I’m really depressed. Like really, properly depressed. Quelle surprise right?

Here, here and here are the results for the ones I took if you would like a look and I’ll copy in some of the questions below and say how they relate not just to yesterday but also for the past week roughly as at the moment I’m in the middle of what I guess you could call an ‘episode’? Hmm, not sure if that’s the term I’m looking for and in any case it’s a stupid term really, it just makes me think I’m the main character in the worst soap opera of all time.


16. I feel trapped or caught.

This is a very weird and horrible sensation. I feel this A LOT, like 90% of the time.

14. I’m getting too much, too little or not enough restful sleep.

This one is a bitch to deal with. The last time I had a run of good sleep was January time. Incidentally January was amazing, like I had maybe two/three weeks of absolute bliss where life felt good and natural again.

6. I have lost interest in aspects of my life that used to be important to me.

This particular question actually pissed me off because a) it is true and b) it is an ongoing thing. This one will definitely be a blog in itself soon.

17. I had crying spells.

I can remember four times very clearly where I have cried due to depression. They have been years apart and it has been uncontrollable, as in it didn’t where I was or what I was doing. Twice it happened in public and I had to rush to find somewhere quiet/private. One was last week but it was at night and it prompted me to start to re-evaluating things.

These have been exacerbated in the last week.

3. I have been enjoying activities that I know carry a significant risk of causing me problems later (e.g., buying sprees, sexual indiscretions, or unusual business investments).

The destructive side that leaves evidence. Not good. In recent years I have made positive progress to keep myself in check when I go through the phases that lead me to do silly things. I haven’t had one of these incidents in a while.

I’ll leave it at that for now.Image